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It is summer vacation.

It is summer vacation. If you go on a trip now, are not you? Even those who work, do not go on a trip taking advantage of this opportunity also taking a long vacation as a pretext for children's summer vacation and those who have not taken Obon vacation yet? If it is a trip anyway, it is nice in Japan, but now it's a cheap international overseas trip! I have never been to a foreign country so much, but I heard about Europe, Dubai or America, but I recommend China. It is! Overseas, there are various romances, such as feeling culture by country, seeing ruins and feeling history. Meanwhile, China has a different scale. Recently, it has become a country that tells a small thing of vessels, but it is the largest in Asia, and the past culture is quite remarkable country. A cultural heritage with a different scale such as the Great Wall? There are plenty, and cooking is also gentle and delicious for the body. Because elements of medicinal sauce are included, in the dish, health tips are also hidden. It is better to go to China once in a country.

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