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A yearning overseas trip.

A yearning overseas trip. Also, different from domestic traveling, preparations and procedures are serious, but the impression also doubles accordingly. My first visit abroad is Hawaii, although it is solid. Everlasting island, blue sea, white sand beach. It was my first and last overseas trip with my family. It was very easy to spend, so it is recommended. There are direct flights, sightseeing spots, shopping, food is also delicious so much, the weather will not collapse unless a typhoon comes and we can communicate in any way. Because there are many Japanese tourists, store clerk knows Japanese well enough, it is easy trip. Well then, I do not feel excited that I went abroad! Perhaps there are people who say that it is okay to say that it is an overseas travel primer edition? Also, for the first time in my life I used a gun. No, it does not mean weird, is it gun shooting? Pretty shocking is amazing, is not it? Why do not you try it as a storyteller? Everything is an experience. If you go for the first time, it will definitely be Hawaii. And if you get used to it? I think that Australia and other Asian countries are good.

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