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A few years ago, I went to Italy on company employee trip.

A few years ago, I went to Italy on company employee trip. Because of employee trips, the schedule was strict, regulations such as not going out at night, etc., honest expectation value was low. However, such thoughts blew away in the first destination Florence. It was impressed by the cityscape while also showing the wonderfulness of the church and the museum which are the tourist attractions. A variety of buildings like Japan are not chaotic, but the beauty of the cityscape that is unified to a certain extent. Buildings that have been built for hundreds of years or so far have historically been present normally in the streets. I felt that history and tradition are blending in the present as it is. When living in Japan, it rarely feels like history in ordinary daily life. I felt strong about that in Rome, next place of visit. In addition, Rome visited the sightseeing spots such as Colosseum, Spain slope, Trevi Fountain etc, but since they were all seen in movies etc, there was a deep emotion. Unexpectedly the city of Rome was narrow, and it was good that we could move easily anywhere in a short time. Due to time constraints, I am very sorry that I could not go to the Roman museum and I want to go there again for that. For those who have the opportunity to go to Italy, I'd like to see this Florence and Rome by all means.

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